have questions about volunteering?

How much prior experience or training do I need to volunteer?

No previous experience or training is necessary to become a Millstone Township Fire Company volunteer. You will need to become a New Jersey State Certified Firefighter – at no cost to you – to fight fires. 

what additional training is available?

Millstone volunteers take pride in keeping our skills sharp and current. We hold monthly training drills and encourage members to pursue continuing education at local county fire academies. This can include specialized courses in Motor Vehicle Extrication Operations, Water Supply/Pumping, Operations, and Driver Training for Fire Apparatus, as well as other advanced training.  Again, there is no cost to the member. 

are there other benefits to volunteering?

In addition to the satisfaction and pride that comes from helping others, Millstone volunteers learn emergency response and leadership skills that for some can lead to public safety careers. Many also find volunteering fulfills a civic desire to be more involved in our community. Being a volunteer firefighter is challenging, exciting and rewarding. 

can i volunteer without fighting fires?

Yes! Support Members don’t respond to emergency calls, but they do everything else it takes to operate a volunteer fire company, including fundraising, staffing fire company community outreach events, photography, holding administrative offices, and managing social media. 

i'm not 18 yet.  How can i help?

Become a Junior Firefighter! Juniors are between the ages of 16 and 17. They participate in nearly every aspect of training and respond in a support role at actual emergency incidents. 

do i need to spend a volunteer shift at the firehouse?

No. Millstone volunteers do not have assigned shifts to standby. When there is an emergency, we are alerted electronically, via pager or smart phone, to respond.  During some major weather events, such as a significant snowstorm or hurricane, a storm standby is scheduled at the fire house for volunteer members who are available. 

do you respond to emergencies that are not fire-related?

We respond to many different types of emergencies, notably vehicular accidents. Our training covers the latest techniques and tools required to effectively and safely respond to many types of emergency situations.